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Ocean Saver Scrubber/Sponge

Ocean Saver Scrubber/Sponge

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These sponges are an excellent replacement for the common sponges that need to be replaced every three months and can't be recycled. 

Crafted by a Brazilian environmentalist and artist using rescued fishing nets, our eco-friendly sponge helps you give back to the planet. Each sponge ensures highly pollutant and petroleum-derived materials stay out of our oceans, preventing harm to marine life. 

Hand-sewn by women in Santa Catarina( South of Brazil), this planet-friendly cleaning alternative even supports low-income communities. With unmatched durability, the sponge can be used again and again – for up to two years of use.

- 80% of ocean pollution is plastic; a significant part of this number comes from the fishing industry. It’s time to combat ocean pollution and support the circular economy with Boavista Circular’s future-forward solutions.


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How to clean dishes:   Remove excess food from dishes, wet the sponge, and rub it into the dish soap to create a lather, clean dishes, and repeat as needed.      

Tip: when washing knives, make sure the cutting side of the knife is turned to the outside. This way won't damage the sponge.              

Don't worry. The sponge doesn't scratch pans.

It is a multi-purpose product, that can be used for all household duties. Including heavy cleaning, for example, Barbecue grills, Tiles, Windows, Shoes, and more.

Suggestion on how to clean the sponge: Let it soak in a bowl with vinegar for 5 min. Or simply in the dishwasher 

Size: 13,5cm x 15cm

Material: Recycled Polyamide (nylon)

Note: As it is a handcrafted material, it may differ in color and size.

Costura rede esponja from Natalia Seeger Duarte on Vimeo.


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