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DIY Multi purpose soap

DIY Multi purpose soap

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This grated soap can do wonders.

You can easily make your own liquid soap, Grated from our refill bars.

If you prefer to do the dishes with liquid soap instead of a bar, but want to avoid all the plastic bottles and infinite list of ingredients of the regular liquid soaps, here is the alternative you have been looking for.

It is made with a circular ingredient (used cooking oil), organic essential oils, lye, and water. 

100g of this DIY soap powder can give you 1 liter of liquid soap. 

You can clean the dishes, do general household cleaning, do your laundry, you name it.

We don't recommend using it as a body care product; it doesn't have many emollient and moisturizing properties, as the oil is not a virgin oil. 

Suggestion on how to make it:  Put water to boil, Add DIY soap powder once water is boiling, Stir it until all soap is dissolved, and let it cool, an option to add your favorite essential oil, wait until the mixture is cooled down, place it in your own container.

NOTE: In case you need only a bit of liquid soap, dissolve it in parts, once the soap is in its liquid form, we recommend using it within 4 months. as there are no artificial conservatives, and the mixture contains water, it could oxidate.

A natural preservative we recommend is Rosemary extract (Rosmarinus officinalis)  As a natural antioxidant, Rosemary Extract helps extends the shelf life of liquid soaps, preventing them to oxidate. 

* Circular packaging: All glass jars and bottles, are recycled and the lid is self-painted.


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