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The Story Behind Boavistacircular


Every day, our environments are polluted with tons of waste, whether it’s cooking oil clogging drainage pipes or fishing nets floating in our oceans. This waste doesn’t just produce toxic emissions – it also causes a substantial threat to wildlife. That’s why we’re helping households to be part of the solution and not the pollution, with eco-friendly cleaning products and accessories made from circular materials. 

Eco-Friendly Products Crafted From Circular Materials

Waste Cooking Oil

Our soaps contain filtered and cleaned cooking oil, known as a hazardous waste, to prevent improper disposal around the globe. 

Coconut Shells

Transforming coconut shells into products with a uniquely aesthetic edge prevents the release of harmful emissions into our environments. 

Fishing Nets

Cleaning sponges crafted from lost or abandoned fishing nets reduce pollution in our oceans and help prevent the killing of innocent marine life  

Rescued Ceramics

We source quality deadstock ceramics to provide an attractive yet practical soap dish for our eco-friendly cleaning products.  




                                                Solid Dish Soap 

Our handmade solid dish soap is an alternative to eliminate the need for plastic bottles. 

All-natural, biodegradable and no fried oil smell

It is a Multipurpose soap, perfect for household cleaning in general. Also possible to make your liquid soap; grate the soap and add water. 

Transparency in the Ingredients:

  • Waste frying oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Water
  • Citrus Essential Oil.


                                          Eco dish soap

Our Eco dish soap is more petite, naked, and versatile.

With the same formula and power as the big brother Solid dish soap inside the terracotta bowl, cutting grease and dirt very well.
These soaps are an alternative to eliminate unnecessary plastic in your household and, consequently, into our environment.
It's also possible to turn this solid soap into liquid by grating it and adding boiling water. There are endless uses for this soap. It's truly a multi-purpose product.


                               Coconut Shell soap dish


Our soap dish, made from coconut shells, is an excellent combo with any solid soap. Its natural design looks good in any kitchen or bathroom.
It's a circular product, and it is handmade ethically in Vietnam. Coconut is a versatile fruit; after taking the water and meat out, the coconut fibers can be turned into many different products and shells as well. But when not repurposed, it is usually burned, causing harmful emissions. By supporting these artisans, we can revert this issue. Turning this waste into a coconut shells soap dish, a light and fully biodegradable product, keep your soaps dry in a natural form.

Check out how its made here  


                                Recycled Fishing Net Sponge

These sponges are hand sewed by a group of women from a poor community in the south of Brazil, generating income and supporting local work.

The sponge is not compostable/biodegradable, but it lasts ten times longer than conventional sponges. Up to two years. As a result, it is a versatile product used for dishwashing and general cleaning.

And by giving this waste another life, we prevent it from polluting our oceans and killing marine life.
Would you like to see how the sponges are made?
check this video 


Ceramic bowl


The refillable recipient where Boavista soap is made, is also part of a circular system; this ceramic bowl was for sale at a well-known thrift shop here in the Netherlands, Gideon Italiander. It was part of a deadstock from the brand Zigg Zagg kitchen.

Looking for a strong, simple, and sustainable refillable container for the soaps, we found a winning combination at Boavista. Instead of producing new packaging, we use a unique, good quality, shape, and material that fits perfectly with the brand style.

We choose terracotta clay-based ceramic, a type of earthenware to bring a bit of nature into our kitchens, water-resistant, durable, versatile, and goes well in every kitchen.


Soap Nut  

How can a fruit be able to clean your clothes and much more? Soap nuts are actually a dried berry that when in contact with water realises Saponin. Used for so many years in Asian countries where the Sapindus Mukorossi tree grows, these berries are a natural alternative to all the chemicals used in laundry detergents. 

Its super economical as you need only a few nuts and you can reuse them for about 5 washes. 


 How to use Boavista Solid dish soap