Our Mission

The 5 pillars of Boavistacircular are 

Sustainability - We strive to create cleaning products with minimal environmental impact.

Creativity - We use creativity to find innovative ways to reduce waste and emissions.

Transparency - We are committed to being open and honest with our customers about our products and processes.

Passion - We are passionate about creating a cleaner world and future.

Respect - We respect our customers and the environment.


We want to offer people a cleaner way of living without exhausting the earth.




Trash? Sure! Because to us, trash is a treasure. A necessary ingredient that enables us to create cleaning products that have a minimal impact on the earth. But it doesn't start or stop with us. We want to inspire the world to rethink the use of items and embrace the reuse of items.

Because reusing means reducing. Reducing our waste. Reducing production and consequently reducing the extraction of natural resources.


It's time to make a clean sweep!