Our Mission

Together with the World population growth, the amount of generated waste increases accordingly.

Frying oils used to process different kinds of food at temperatures between 160 and 200 ◦C is no longer usable for human consumption and represents a significant waste source.

It is estimated that the world's food industry, restaurants, and households produce about 200 million tons of this waste annually.

Soap production can be considered one of the possible ways to reduce this waste.

The vegetable oils used in restaurants are mainly collected and recycled, but there is still a high percentage of frying oils disposed of in the sewage of households.

This improper disposal creates big environmental problems, like clogging the drainage systems, negatively impacting wildlife, and producing toxic substances.

In European countries, 51% of waste frying oil comes from households, of which only a few percent have been collected and recycled.

Waste frying oil represents low-cost raw material for biodiesel, lubricants, resins, and soap production.

Its proper reuse solves alarming environmental problems that occur by improper disposal of this waste.

Some assumptions are that 1L of oil might pollute 40.000L of natural water.

BOAVISTA focuses on homemade dish soaps and the possibility of using large amounts of waste frying oils.



Recycled fishing nets Sponges


Ghost nets have an extremely resistant material; they stay intact for decades, continuing to trap and kill marine life.

While the harmful effects of consumer plastics are a daily topic, ghost nets are far more numerous and problematic and usually stay under the general public's radar.
It's estimated that each ghost net can catch and trap anywhere from between 6-20% of its original catch.

Turning this waste into a resistant daily cleaning sponge, minimizes your need to buy many cleaning accessories as it will last much longer.
And a great alternative to help save our oceans.

"Be part of the solution and not the pollution"

        Join us in this project; every small step is progress!