About Us


 Boavista uses waste recycled oil to produce effective solid dish soap.

You have an alternative to all the plastic bottles, unknown chemical ingredients, and harmful substances of household cleaning products.

My name is Flavia Reinert, Brazilian, a mother of two boys nature lover, on a mission to help the planet. When I became a mother, I started to look at the world differently; I became more conscious of environmental issues and thinking about my kids' futures. And in 2020, while guiding little human beings, surviving a pandemic, and an urge to help the planet, I decided to create Boavista.

I moved to Amsterdam in 2015, and I didn't know where to dispose of my used cooking oil, so I started to use it to make my own cleaning products.
Back home, we use this product as an ingredient to make our household cleaning supplies.

I remember neighbors and family members giving their oil to my mother, and in exchange, they got their soaps.
So, we already participated in a circular economy back then without realizing it.

It didn't take long until people asked why don't turn it into a business; simultaneously, the oil can be recycled, and awareness can be created, minimizing the impact of incorrect oil disposal on our oceans, rivers, soil, and tubes.

This way, we can participate in a circular system together.

Boavista is a transparent, natural, and sustainable choice.
Join us in this journey!

Everyone can benefit from our products, especially Mother Nature.