About Us


Boavista Circular was founded in 2021 in Amsterdam, but the seed was planted over thirty years ago. Across the Atlantic under the Brazilian sun in a town called Joinville, founder Flavia Corrente grew up reusing clothes and toys from other family members. A broken bicycle was either repaired or found a second life as a scooter. Throwing valuable things away wasn't an option.

Flavia and her family lived in a micro-circular system. A tradition passed on from generation to generation, reflected by her mother teaching her to reuse cooking oil from neighbors and friends to make cleaning soaps.

A practice which, alongside Flavia, moved to Amsterdam in 2015. And in the Venice of the North, friends and family were again involved. This resulted in a growing demand for cleaning products created with her mother's formula. Alongside the demand, the societal concern about our earth's direction grew. It caused a renewed fascination for the family tradition of reusing waste and turning it into products. It made Flavia realize that today, apart from a tradition, reusing materials is, first and foremost, a necessity. It made her see it isn't just a solution for her own products but also a way of living that should be embraced worldwide.

And like that, in 2021, Boavista Circular was born. Because...

“Waste is only waste when it is wasted.”