Oil Cleaning Process

All soaps are made from a mix of oils; the most common ones are olive oil, coconut, sunflower, and other kinds of butter.

At Boavistacircular, we make cleaning soaps using reused cooking oil. Which are a mix of only vegetable sources—no animal fats.

But one thing is true; we can't assure what has been fried in the oil as our intention is to end the waste cycle by turning it into general cleaning soaps and stopping it from polluting our water and soils. 

Therefore, we can't say that our soaps are vegan as the oil might have been in touch with animal products. Even thou it is derived from vegetables and nuts.

We get a lot of questions about the process of filtering and cleaning the used oil.
When we collect the oil from restaurants or households, it comes dirty and smelly, just like all used cooking oil.
So it has to go through a cleaning process.

We find the following method very efficient in removing impurities and odor:











How we filter used cooking oil at Boavistacircular from Flavia on Vimeo.